Sonetto V

Jeff Dorgay reviewed our  Sonetto V on Tone, after tested them for 100 hours with “May the cube be with you”.


Discrete and elegant, the Sonetto V speakers are well suited to any type of furniture: “Sonus faber is known around the world for the high-quality finish adorning their speakers, with a lacquered finish that will put the world’s finest automobiles to shame, but the matte white is very fashion forward.”


One of the strengths of the Sonetto V is that it’s part of a big family that allows you to design a complete home theater system: “Finally, the Sonetto Vs are part of an entire range. It consists of larger and smaller speakers, along with a wall mounted speaker and center channel that all share the same voicing, so expanding your Sonetto Vs to a full-blown theater setup in the future is as easy as calling your Sonus faber dealer and getting more stuff.”


Besides perfectly explaining how to do a perfect setup, Jeff pushes our Sonnet Vs to the limit: “…the Sonetto Vs can definitely power the party, but they play great at low volume levels too. Not every speaker can get this critical job done, and even when playing at low levels, these speakers create a large, dimensional sound field that won’t have your neighbors pounding on the walls. What’s the point of having great speakers if you put your headphones on all the time, right?


Once Sonus faber, always Sonus faber: “Being a Sonus faber owner, I have to admit a bit of built-in bias towards the brand. You won’t mistake the Sonettos for a pair of something else – they have a sound of their own. Like famous painters, everyone has a style that they truly love. If you are looking for a pair of truly beautiful speakers that offer up a dynamic, tonally rich presentation, take the Sonetto Vs for a spin.”