Lumina III

Thomas J. Norton reviewed our Lumina III on Sound & Vision, let’s find out what he feels about it.

Music Performance

The listening tests started with the two Lumina IIIs with no sub and the resulting bass was clean and tight but when he dialed in the Gravis II he said that “he didn’t look back”.

Considering the whole system he wrote: “With the Gravis II subwoofer engaged, overall system balance was excellent from top to bottom. Detail retrieval was superb, without any harshness or exaggeration […] No speaker can do more than reproduce a recording accurately, and I found Lumina IIIs supported by the Gravis II, to be rewardingly neutral.”

Movies Performance

He evaluated the Lumina system with Ford v Ferrari and Midway, both movies that combine extraordinary special effects with “superb” soundtracks: “There was nothing small scale here, confirming that you don’t need big speakers for a big sound even in a big room […] Both Ford v Ferrari and Midway offer more than just action. Both films have a superb and superbly recorded soundtrack […] and the Luminas conveyed it perfectly.


He wrote that despite a few minor reservations: “I enjoyed every hour I spent with this stylish and great sounding Sonus faber Lumina system […] Together with the Gravis II subwoofer, they handled some of the most difficult source materials in my very large room without a whimper, and that’s saying a lot.”

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