Lumina I, Hi-Fi Choice

The smallest of the collection, recently enriched by Lumina II and Lumina V, keeps receiving important awards and the last one is the Hi-Fi Choice Recommended award.

Ed Selley reviewed our little ones, let’s see how it goes.

Sound quality

The Lumina I has a secret weapon in its fight against larger and notionally more capable rivals – […] it delivers a larger and more authoritative sound than the dimensions might suggest possible.”

Lumina I is a natural born performer according to the journalist: “Something the Lumina I shares with the larger floorstander is that this is an entertaining performer.”

Here are the results of the listening test: “That richness with instruments ensures that the lead

saxophone leaps out of the mix and the complex, overlapping percussion is fast, fluent and entertaining. This lightness of touch isn’t dependent on fast music either. There is a simple and

compelling immediacy to what it does that benefits everything you play and leaves many rivals feeling slightly leaden in comparison. “


Small size, great performance: “…it manages to sound bigger, more assured and room-filling

than you would expect from looking at it […] This is a superb little standmount; both a worthy

entry point to the Sonus faber family and a genuine star in its own right.”

Thanks Ed Selley and Hi-Fi Choice for this great award!

Read the entire review here.