Noel Keywood reviewed our Lumina V on Hi-FI World: “These Sonus Faber loudspeakers took me by surprise. They sounded very different to previous ones I’ve reviewed.”

Particularly appreciated was the skilful use of natural materials that minimize resonance and allow for a clean, natural sound: “Point to note straight away is that metal is not used in any of the drive units, only natural fibres. This gives a darker sound that’s less fast and zingy, but also one that’s

more organically natural since there are no resonant materials”. That’s our philosophy and the strength that enthusiasts around the world appreciate even in this speaker.

On listening test Lumina V gets very good results: “Two qualities hit me straight away. Firstly, there was an impressive amount of insight through the midband that gave strong retrieval of ambience within recordings, especially those from quality hi-res files.

Not only did they convey ambience well, but vocals had a natural flavour rather than

an artificial one.”

But the bass is the real surprise: “The second quality to hit me fast was bass output – I’m talking deep bass output here; it was almost worryingly powerful.”

In conclusion Noel is extremely satisfied:

“Sonus Faber’s Lumina V is what I would call “a serious loudspeaker”.

With a seductively natural sound that comes from organic, well damped cone materials, plus a good stab at tonal accuracy, the Lumina V came across as easily engaging.”

And more: “This is a loudspeaker that you should hear first, before others, as it sets standards.”

Natural sound, attention to materials, research, and craftsmanship – these are the elements we put into every speaker, even Lumina V managed to tell our story.

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