Tyler Stripko reviewed our Lumina V, the flagship of the Lumina family that takes the performance of the collection even higher.



Very satisfactory design study, both external and internal, whose technical solutions won’t make us regret the lute-shape typical of classic collections


Easy and practical, the installation of Lumina is characterized by “minimum”, and this detail is particularly appreciated: “While I usually struggle to handle large speakers up the 13 steps to my media room, the Lumina V have not been a problem. Since they only weigh about 50 pounds each, I was able to push the boxes up my steps with one hand. “


Whatever the track or the musical genre, Lumina V is always ready: “Thanks to the Lumina, the overall sound was incredibly clear”.

And again: “The brass section was adequately bright but not fatiguing. As I expect from Sonus faber speakers, the winds were full and natural, sounding beautifully in main moments. “

The power of Lumina V certainly cannot be underestimated, this speaker has been designed to combine pure power without sacrificing natural sound: “The Luminas really seemed to like the kilowatt of power I was giving them, so don’t worry about your amp power. If you are people who like to organize a good party, the Lumina V can certainly give it a go”.


Here, then, are Tyler’s conclusions:

“The sleek appearance and great overall performance make the LUMINA V the best value for money loudspeaker I’ve ever heard from Sonus Faber. Even more surprising is that they are being handcrafted in Italy for this price. “

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