Gravis VI subwoofer represents the definitive evolution of the Sonus faber collection dedicated to low frequencies reproduction.

Unlike the previous models, this speaker is equipped with two 12” drivers unusually positioned at 90°: one perpendicular and the other parallel to the ground.

The performance allows us to go even further than what we did so far with the Gravis I, III and V models, having an output of 1800W on a 4 ohm load.

But which speakers can we match with this depth of sound?

Gravis VI finds its soul mate in the Homage Tradition collection. The coherence of sound of this family of speakers, linked to traditional Italian violin making, powerfully and naturally supports any sound environment.

Let’s try to think of our subwoofers combined with a pair of Amati speakers, perfectly positioned and ready to get excited with their low frequencies. Their non-directional emission allows them to be set in different ways, taking advantage of the reflections of the room that hosts them.

We, compared to an environment of regular proportions, recommend angling them on the side walls, to make the most of their frequency control and their impeccable musicality. To complete your HiFi system, Gravis VI is the perfect element: innovation at the service of tradition.