Find yourself making the common mistake of spelling Sonus faber with a capital F? No worries.

Since the early 80’s, when Sonus faber was taking its first steps into the Hi-Fi world, the iconic name of the brand was written as you see here: uppercase S, lowercase f. This atypical choice is not without its purpose.

As the latin expression Sonus faber translates to “artisan of sound“, the focus is immediately driven to the more musical of the two words. Over nearly 40 years of loudspeakers production, our aim has always been to keep the focus on the sound.  There is no room for compromise in pure music reproduction.

But how is this Sound made?

Our history began with the humble creations of an artisan – a faber, if you will – and the idea of total dedication to beauty and perfection.

Over the years, Sonus faber grew and developed a suite of novel abilities in the field of acoustics and design, but what enables us to remain unique in the audio panorama is the necessary boundaries of our past, our history. Boundaries we push with knowledge and respect, to adapt our vision to the future, knowing how to predict its movements.

Our aim is to create with our hands from what nature offers. We owe it all to materials: to wood, leather, marble and paper, to brass and aluminum. Thinking of them together is our work, disassembling their core and building them a new life in synergy with each other.

Giving a meaning to a name is giving a meaning to an idea. Our idea is to keep superb Sound reproduction and beautiful design work partnered along the same path. How do we do it?

Ask our artisans, our faber.