Omina Design high end wireless speaker, new in Sonus faber

The path of a speaker always starts with the first step. This time, the step was a little bit wider.

Omnia was born from the necessity of moving forward, letting people experience the Sonus faber Natural Sound a totally different way, but with the same pureness that always characterized our products.

Our journey was inspired from connections and dialogues between technology and design. With Omnia, Sonus faber adds to its collection a contemporary and powerful all-in-one active system. The first of her kind in our brand history.

The system embraces innovative acoustic technologies with wood elements customary of Sonus faber, fitting seamlessly within any home environment. In today’s fast-moving world, Sonus faber’s Natural Sound enhances life at home with loved ones.

Omnia encloses contemporary needs through Sonus faber aesthetic cornerstones. From her trademarks to her shape, the essence remains the same: a speaker with outstanding performances for her category. A design package, ready to suit with your home interiors.