Omnia TV wireless speaker

Ed Selley reviewed our newest addition that won the award: Home Cinema Choice Best Buy.


Not just design, but versatility and sheer power:

“Crescendo, here we go! The idea here is a speaker that can handle all you throw at it, both content from your TV as well as your music library. And if this is what you’re after, the Omnia needs to go right to the top of your list.”

“Those two drivers on the ends of the cabinet really seal the deal. Sonus faber calls this system, and the DSP used to manage it, ‘Crescendo’, and, so long as the Omnia is in relatively free space, it works a charm.”


In conclusion:

“It’s attractive, well made and easy to use, but most importantly Sonus faber’s premium wireless speaker sounds fantastic.”


Check out the full review with more technical aspects here.