Four quadrant collage showing close-ups of parts of Sonus faber speakers

Have you purchased your Sonus faber speakers and are wondering how to clean them and keep them in top condition?

In this simple guide developed by our customer service department, you will find all the helpful tips for caring for your new speakers.

Acoustic speakers require no special maintenance other than periodic general cleaning.

  • To preserve the finish of your acoustic speakers, cover them with the fabric protection provided, especially if the speakers are not used for an extended period.

Wood is a natural and ever-living material, so it is sensitive to external factors:

  • Do not use cleaning products, furniture waxes, cleaning fluids or alcohol.
  • Do not use rough cloths.

Avoid placement of the acoustic speaker:

  • In very humid environments and where there is no air circulation.
  • Near heat sources or near windows and glass windows that are not protected by curtains, especially during the summer months
  • To direct sunlight.

Cleanliness of parts:

  • Wood, metal, marble, and glass: gently wipe with microfiber cloth and Crystalux liquid (where applicable). Spray the product on the cloth first and then gently clean the parts. If applicable, you can purchase the Sonus faber Cleaning kit (1x microfiber cloth + 1x bottle with Crystalux sprayer) from our network of official distributors and dealers.
  • Skin and driver suspensions: Do not use harsh chemicals at strong bases such as acetone, trichloroethylene, acids, abrasives, degreasers, alcohol, lemon, or wine. Use a general purpose, waterproof, mildew-proof silicone spray. Spray a small amount on a very soft sponge and then gently clean the leather parts and driver suspensions. Avoid getting the product on the driver cones so as not to damage them.

For more information, consult the user’s manual for the acoustic speaker.

These cares will preserve acoustic speakers for many years.

Time will help to improve the sound by breaking-in the moving parts (membranes and suspension), and the acoustic chamber will respond better and better the more it is used, just like string instruments.