Details of hand working on our wood cabinets, Sonus faber

Known worldwide as the Artisan of Sound, Sonus faber’s emphasis on organic-inspired design and human touch has always been at the heart of our craftsmanship. Sonus faber artisans use their skills and passion to create unmatched audio engineering, from wood cabinets to speaker fine-tuning.

Our luxury equipment relies on a deep culture and legacy built on a forward-thinking approach and belief in the power of new generations to shape the future of audio. Sonus faber’s commitment to nurturing young talent has allowed us to flourish. Our 40-year history and the experience of skilled veteran technicians and inventors have created a landscape for new artistry to take root.

Preserving Tradition: Handcrafted Speaker Production

Tecniche artigianali e nuovi talenti, Sonus faberOne of the hallmarks of Sonus faber is our commitment to artisanal craftsmanship. Our wood speaker cabinets– from our classic Heritage Collection to our new Homage Collection – are meticulously handcrafted, ensuring a level of detail and quality that is unmatched in the industry. Artisans and woodworkers use their expertise to match wood pieces based on their grain textures. This helps them create a harmonious aesthetic that enhances the sensory experience of music.

Additionally, our leatherwork is a testament to our value of time-honored techniques, with artisans employing tools and century-old techniques to create exquisite finishes. Each speaker is carefully adorned with leather, adding an element of sophistication and elegance to the overall design. Through this meticulous handcrafting, Sonus faber imparts a distinct human touch that resonates with discerning audiophiles.

Fine-Tuning by Ear: Natural Sound Through Technological Innovation

The final tuning of Sonus faber speakers is an extraordinary process that relies on our skilled technicians’ ability to employ their acute sense of hearing to achieve the perfect balance of frequencies, harmonics, and tonal richness. The design process comes from a deep understanding of the relationship between people, nature, and our products.

Our core technologies come from the lived human experience of audio immersion. From our Zero Vibration Transmission, which eliminates the transmission of vibrations from low frequencies, to the Intono Technology and Damped Apex Dome, which maintain high fidelity of mid to high frequencies, Sonus faber relies on the ingenuity of our technicians to give our equipment a natural voice.

The Legacy of Sonus faber: Inspiring Sound Reproduction

Since 1980, when founder Franco Serblin crafted the Snail – a comprehensive system made entirely of solid wood – natural artistry has laid a foundation that predates even our first laboratory.

Sonus faber’s rich history in replicating high-fidelity sound continues to grow, with all prototypes still assembled by hand in our DesignLab in Vicenza, Italy. The legacy from our past resonates throughout our products, infusing each creation with a profound appreciation for experiencing fully-immersive “natural sound.”  This dedication to personal craftsmanship and the pursuit of sonic excellence is what has made Sonus faber an enduring presence in the world of high-end audio.

Embracing Youth and Talent: A Growing Team

Il nostro team in continua crescita composto da artigiani esperti e giovani talentiIn the last three years, Sonus faber has seen tremendous growth, even as industries worldwide have faced difficulties. We have hired new, talented people to join our team. The infusion of fresh perspectives and innovative ideas is evidence of our belief in investing in the talents of the new generation. The statistics speak for themselves: from 2019 to 2023, Sonus faber’s employee count has grown by 102.3%.

With the increase in staff, Sonus faber has successfully brought in a new generation of artisans and woodworkers with an average age of 38. These skilled individuals seamlessly blend their passion for their craft with the traditions and values that are instrumental to Sonus faber.

Additionally, the Research and Development department has seen an influx of young talent, with an average age of 28, bringing new energy and cutting-edge ideas to the table. The marketing team has also experienced a wave of youthful creativity, with an average age of 30, ensuring the brand’s message resonates with the modern audience.

As Sonus faber’s employee base has grown and diversified, the brand is bolstered by an artisan leadership that has been building our legacy for several decades. Our respect for tradition and commitment to innovation form the basis of a culture firmly grounded in people.

Sonus faber’s commitment to the human touch is embedded in every aspect of our craftsmanship. From the meticulous handcrafting of wood cabinets to the delicate fine-tuning by skilled technicians, Sonus faber speakers are a testament to the beauty of human artistry.

Our growth in recent years, with a focus on attracting young talent, further highlights our dedication to carrying forward our legacy while embracing new ideas and perspectives. By seamlessly blending tradition and innovation, Sonus faber continues to redefine the boundaries of sound reproduction, providing discerning audiophiles with an extraordinary immersive experience rooted in the human touch.