Unparalleled listening

Six Senses Ibiza

Sonus faber has partnered with Six Senses Ibiza to outfit the hotel’s unique spaces with an impressive array of Sonus faber speakers and McIntosh Laboratory components for an unparalleled music listening experience.

Six Senses Luxury Resort - Ibiza


Musicians, painters, writers, and artists bridging all mediums come to Ibiza to seek inspiration, escape, and respite. Now, they can enter spaces outfitted with luxury audio pieces from Sonus faber and McIntosh, all while basking in the island’s natural wonders.
Shown here are Sonus faber’s Il Cremonese speakers, powered by McIntosh components.


The three spaces within Six Senses Ibiza (the Cave Royal, Cave Suite 906, and the Live Cave) are outfitted with Sonus faber and McIntosh sound equipment to offer a unique fusion of high-end sound and visual splendor. Pictured here, the Cave Suite 906 offers visitors a unique experience. Built into the cliff, it features a large terrace, sweeping views of the sea, and a transportive sonic experience thanks to Sonus faber Serafino Tradition Speakers and McIntosh MA8900 Integrated Amplifier.

Six Senses Luxury Resort - Ibiza