A musical daydream

A magical dance, a musical performance capable of thrilling you with all the strength and charm of a dream ... but with eyes wide open, because it's real. PRYMA, the brand leader in the creation of high-end headphones born from decades of Sonus Faber experience, releases their latest film, A musical daydream. A piece of art that takes only 114 seconds to pinpoint some of the major features that make the brand famous all over the world: Italian soul, absolute beauty and, above all, audio performance that's out of the ordinary.



The star of the feature is Greta Zuccarello, the international ballerina and one Victoria's Secret's newest faces. The dancer, born in Treviso but with New Yorker as her adopted city, gives us a taste of her talent as she lights up, or comes to life, the moment she picks up the Pryma headphones. From that moment on, the notes transport her to a different, lighter dimension, where all movements become possible and each step takes on a simplicity never seen before. At least for Greta.

The total fidelity of the sound alone seems able to produce action and movement in the performer, while the detailed finishes also suggest the existence of a fantastic blend of technological excellence and artistic beauty. The premium nature of the product is also clear to see - all Pryma headphones are handmade in Italy from reliable materials such as steel, copper, aluminum, leather and microfiber - and is also shown through the unique nature of the modern and elegant location, made even better by the Sonus Faber and McIntosh Labs speakers and sound systems in the background.

Dancer: Greta Zuccarello @greta_zuccarello
Director/ creative director: Brad Livingstone Black @black_tandem_
Producer: David Mascioni @_mascioni, Michael Cifarelli, Steven Baillie @areatwelve
Stylist: Marie Laffort @marie_laffort
Hair/Make up: Jackie Fanara @jackiefanara