Air Cable Pryma
Beautiful, because they are finished by hand; they give excellent performance thanks to the long tradition of Sonus faber. And now it also comes with Bluetooth. With Air Cable, the Pryma 01 headphones take another step towards excellence, teaching us an important lesson: there is always a margin for improvement, especially when it is more difficult to see it. In the case of Pryma 01, the task was particularly difficult. Indestructible, but lightweight body. Clasp that is shiny and remains so. The same leather as Alta Moda, the same materials as luxury watches for components hand-assembled in Italy. Really special headphones because they were created to be just that. And yet there was a way to make them even more unique, although a sharp eye was needed to see it and a trained ear to make it possible. Superpowers, almost. Because without the functionality itself, the real difference is in the result. Air Cable is a device that is very easy to recognise. When you connect to Pryma 01, it is possible to connect wirelessly between headphones and smartphones, Smart TVs, laptops, stereo and numerous other technologies, using Bluetooth connectivity. In this way, the prestigious Sonus faber headphones can be worn with even greater freedom, but it's not just that. The real difficulty for the brand was to be able to replicate the quality of cable sound with a wireless connection. It is a recent topic, given that Pryma are chosen by audiophiles all over the world, and above all for the superior fidelity they are able to guarantee. And yet the task was successful. Air Cable is Sonus faber In every centimetre: elegant in design, easy to use, extremely powerful - Bluetooth 4.0, CSR® 8645 receiver - even on long trips (battery life exceeds 10 hours, 100 in standby mode). Above all, it is capable of giving the user the same feeling of perfection and total immersion offered by cable connection. In this way freedom is complete and no compromise is required. But after all, if asked, what would that freedom be?