Eleganza e performance


3 and 2/3 way, Sound field Shaper technology, Zero
Vibration Transmission™ technology, para-aperiodic
vented box “Stealth Ultraflex System™” and staggered low
frequency floor standing loudspeaker system


Tw: Ø 28 mm, H28 XTR-04, High Power Neodymium, Extended Range Soft Dome, DAD™ Arrow Point.
Md: Ø 180 mm, M18 XTR-04 Neodymium Magnet System,
W: Ø 2x220 mm W22XTR-12,
Sw: Ø 320 mm SW32XTR-08.

Tw: Ø 29 mm, 29XTR2, DAD™ Arrow Point.
Md: Ø 2x80 mm, M8XTR.

Crossover Points

55, 150, 200, 3000 Hz

Premium High-End components

Frequency Response

18 Hz – 35000 Hz


92 db SPL (2.83 V/1 m)

Nominal impedance

4 Ohm

Recommended power amplifier

100- 1000 W


6 connectors binding post: Mid-Hi, Low, Sub

Decoupling Systems


Product Dimensions (HxWxD)

1725 x 482 x 780 mm / each
68 x 19 x 31 in / each

Dimensions with Packaging (HxWxD)

1930 x 740 x1170 mm / each
76 x 29.1 x 46.1 x in / each


165 kg / each
363.8 lb / each

Packaging weight

275 kg / each
606.3 lb / each


Double curvature - Lute shape

High gloss wood

Black leather


Sound Field Shapers

Tweeter (Tw): 29XTR2 DAD Arrow Point, Ø 29 mm

Mid-range driver (Md): 2 x M8XTR, Ø 80 mm

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