Sonus faber Collections

Each Sonus faber collection embodies a key design and engineering philosophy, where every product is crafted to harmonize both aesthetically and sonically with the others in the line.


The pinnacle of high fidelity audio

The reference collection brings together unparalleled technology and design to create the most desirable musical instruments in the industry.


Custom Installation High Fidelity

Arena brings the acoustic power and dynamics of high fidelity into home cinema.


Sonus faber's most iconic collection

The epitome of Sonus faber's legacy, Homage artfully infuses iconic design elements with patented technology. Each creation pays homage to the titans of music history.

Olympica Nova

The true expression of Natural Sound

Olympica Nova embodies Sonus faber's Natural Sound signature, rooted in our core engineering and design philosophies.


Tradition, expertise and evolution

Inspired by Sonus faber's first speakers, the Heritage collection maintains the classical look of our roots while pursuing our dedication to technological innovation.


Poetry for the ears and the eyes

Taking its name from the sonet - the oldest Italian poetic structure - the second generation of Sonetto is both steeped in tradition and driven by evolutions in technology.


Luxury. Minimalist. Natural.

This multi award-winning collection captures the essence of Sonus faber sound in a minimalist and versatile design.


Sonus faber sound, wireless

The convenience and connectivity of active wireless speakers, crafted with Sonus faber's core design and technology philosophies. The result: an authentically high-fidelity experience – without wires.


The pursuit of depth

Sonus faber’s signature line of subwoofers. A collection designed to add depth and nuance to music, film, and TV.


The architecture of sound

Sonus faber's first line of custom installation speakers expands the boundaries of traditional listening to adapt to any home environment.


Bringing Natural Sound outdoors

Pairing elegant design with simple set-up, Aster elevates sound quality and ambience on terraces, patios, gardens and more.

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