Brand Collaborations

Expanding the sound experience

New Horizons for Natural Sound

We hold the belief that sound is a bridge for uniting individuals, emotions, and enterprises.

Grounded in this philosophy, we infuse our technologies into diverse realms with the singular objective of elevating every experience through the Natural Sound of Sonus faber.



Sonus faber and Lamborghini collaborate for the Revuelto.

Crafted to evoke primal emotions, our Sound System for the Lamborghini Revuelto embodies years of technological innovation and tradition.

Every detail is meticulously crafted to deliver our signature natural sound.



In 2020, Maserati embarked on a new era.

As part of their rebranding, Maserati joined forces with Sonus faber to build high premium sound systems for an entirely new, iconically Italian product line-up. Models such as the MC20, Grecale, and GranTurismo became the canvas for our audio craftsmanship and elevated the driving experience to new heights.

The partnership between Maserati and Sonus faber has brought industry recognition and consecutive EISA awards for our luxury in-car sound systems.



Sonus faber and Wally Yachts share a common goal: creating the most exquisite products in their respective markets.

This shared mission prompted our collaboration with Wally to pioneer the first custom installation high fidelity sound system aboard a yacht.

Debuting with the wallywhy200, Sonus faber speakers are powered by McIntosh amplifiers to bring uncompromising high fidelity to the open seas.



Sonus faber’s first brand partnership was established with Pagani in 2013.

Collaborating with Pagani, we conceived a dedicated sound system for the Huayra, one of Italy's most exquisite automotive creations.

Shared passion and commitment to excellence