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About Sonus faber

The Sonus faber mission

As Artisans of Sound, we continuously strive to honor and elevate the authentic traditions of Italian craftsmanship. We believe music is a multi-sensory experience with an incredible power to enrich people’s lives.

We have built our legacy by crafting speakers as musical instruments, adhering to the highest standards of luxury, design, and technology. Using only the finest wood and raw materials, Sonus faber’s handmade audio equipment are unique works of art meant to immerse the listener in the dynamic depths of sound.

Sonus faber Sound Philosophy

Natural Sound

Natural Sound is the signature voice of Sonus faber. Simply put, Natural Sound is the authentic audio achieved through the use of natural materials, the final tuning of each individual piece by ear, and our unique design philosophy.

Human Touch

Investing a Human Touch in every piece is core to our identity. Skilled technicians employ simple tools to craft each unique piece by hand, following centuries-old techniques and processes. The Human Touch ensures that our speakers not only replicate or amplify great works of art, but they become ones themselves.


Research is the mind that guides us. An expertise in technology and a rich knowledge of tradition allows us to maintain our identity while constantly innovating. We understand that having roots is a privilege and that nostalgia should inspire advancement and innovation.

Commitment to excellence

Sonus faber continues to embrace its roots while maintaining a timeless legacy through cutting-edge ingenuity.

Over the past several years, we have continued to grow our talent even as industries worldwide have had to downsize. Under the leadership and guidance of skilled veteran technicians and inventors, we have brought in a new generation of artisans and woodworkers. Additionally, our Research and Development team continues to infuse fresh perspectives into our designs. With a blend of valuable experience and new energy, we are excited to see what the next decade will bring.

A legacy of sonic artistry

The Sonus faber story began with a singular goal: to create a speaker system of superior musical quality from natural materials and designs.

We embrace the human touch in handcrafted natural sound

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