The Evolution of Sonus faber Stands

A Symphony of Craftsmanship, Acoustics, and Evolution

The Role of Stands in High-End Loudspeakers

Speaker stands play a crucial role in the world of high-end bookshelf loudspeakers. Sonus faber stands are meticulously designed, considering materials, hidden elements, and overall structure to enhance acoustic output and guarantee a pristine sound. From our origins in 1983 through present day, Sonus faber speaker stands have evolved and adapted to both natural and cutting-edge technological materials, all while staying true to our dedication to craftsmanship, acoustics, and innovation.

Sonus faber Stands: A Journey from Origins to Innovation

The evolution of Sonus faber stands dates back to the company's inception in 1983. For the first 15 years, stands were exclusively produced for bookshelf loudspeakers, emphasizing craftsmanship and material choices, such as wood, stone, and aluminum.

Crafting Perfection in Guarneri Homage

In Guarneri Homage (1993), the stand was designed alongside the speaker, becoming a key element to give the product a unique value.

Technological Innovations in Guarneri Tradition

The Guarneri Tradition stand implemented Silent Spikes, special spikes with the patented Z.V.T. system, elevating vibration transmission technology to new heights.

Carbon Fiber Revolution: A Leap in Innovation

Sonus faber introduced carbon fiber as a groundbreaking material for stands. Inspired by the automotive world and the partnership with Pagani Automobili, carbon fiber provides a perfect balance of low weight and extreme rigidity – providing the perfect platform for Sonus faber’s iconic Natural Sound.

Our commitment to crafting an authentic sound remains unwavering, with each stand representing a harmonious blend of tradition, innovation, and the pursuit of perfection.