How to position your speakers

Unlock the true potential of your Sonus faber speakers by mastering the art of placement. In this guide, we delve into the key aspects of positioning your speakers for an unparalleled audio experience. From the fundamental principles of a stereo set-up to the nuances of a 5.1 surround system, let's ensure every note resonates perfectly in your space.


Your listening experience hinges on the ideal speaker placement. Learn how to position your speakers to create a balanced and realistic soundstage that elevates your auditory journey.

2.0 Stereo Speaker Configuration

An optimal configuration for a stereo (or 2.0) speaker set-up can be achieved with a few simple steps. Follow our expert advice for room correction and placement to maximize your enjoyment.

  1. Minimize Reflective Surfaces: Avoid tables or similar surfaces between you and the speakers. If unavoidable, cover them with a blanket to optimize music listening and prevent reverberation.

  2. Add a Carpet: Place a carpet on the floor, particularly if it's a hard surface like marble, to improve acoustics and overall sound quality.

  3. Optimal Hi-Fi Cabinet Placement: Avoid placing the Hi-Fi cabinet between the speakers, as it can negatively impact the sound image. Opt for a side placement to preserve audio quality.

  4. Central Listening Position: Aim for a central listening position, but if your listening point is close to the back wall, consider covering it with natural materials or acoustic panels to reduce reverberation.

5.1 Surround Speaker Placement

A 5.1 speaker configuration creates an immersive surround sound environment for enjoying TV and films. Uncover the precise positions for each speaker in the ensemble to create a captivating audio landscape.

Front Channels (Left, Right, and Center):

  • Equidistance: Ensure the front channels are equidistant from both the screen and your viewing position.

  • Height: Position them just above ear level for an optimal listening experience.

Left and Right Channels:

  • Ideal Angle: Place the left and right channels to the sides of the television, forming an angle between 25° to 45° with the listener for a balanced audio landscape.

Center Channel:

  • Dialogues Focus: Position the center channel directly above or below the TV to emphasize clear dialogue delivery, a crucial element for an immersive home theater experience.


  • Flexible Placement: While the subwoofer can be placed anywhere in the room, avoid corners for optimal performance.

  • Experimentation: Try different positions to find the sweet spot, considering that bass frequencies move in all directions.

Rear Speakers:

  • Ideal Angle: Position the rear speakers behind the listener, forming an angle from 90° to 110° for a surround sound experience.

  • Consistent Height: Maintain the same height for both rear speakers to ensure uniform audio distribution.

Elevating Your Experience

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