Sonus faber’s Selection: Top Audiophile Albums of 2022

January: Immersive Soundscapes

Burial – Antidawn [Hyperdub]

Unmistakable Signature: The British composer's EP merges samples, electronic atmospheres, and field recordings, creating an ambient masterpiece that pierces the soundstage with surprising spatiality.

Aurora – The Gods We Can Touch [Decca / Glassnote Records]

80s Elegance: Norwegian artist Aurora's record highlights low-frequency capabilities. Bass synths and drum machines, coupled with refined vocals, create a harmonious listening experience perfectly complementing Sonus faber cabinets.

February: Psychedelic Journeys

Black Country, New Road – Ants From Up There [Ninja Tune]

Small Psychedelic Marvel: The UK band's second album features narrative mixes, rough percussion, and surgical guitars. Strings and brasses add a shine to your midranges, creating a captivating sonic landscape

Big Thief – Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You [4AD]

Folk meets Garage Rock: Drummer James Krivchenia explores new perspectives in this album, delivering evocative percussion and distant guitars. A true gem for those seeking a unique sonic experience.

March: Fusion of Influences

Messa – Close [Svart Records]

Doom Meets Jazz: The Italian band showcases extraordinary compositional sensitivity, blending doom and jazz influences. Layers of excellent arrangement unveil surprises across the auditory spectrum.

Rex Orange County – Who Cares? [RCA]

Dreamy Pop Bliss: Surrey's golden boy collaborates with Benny Sings to create a collection of pop songs. Gravis I, with its dynamic arrangements, perfectly emphasizes the dreamy keyboards and finely crafted bass grooves.

April: Orchestral Fantasies and Energetic Whirlwinds

Father John Misty – Chloë and the Next 20th Century [Sub Pop / Bella Union]

Circus Fantasies: The histrionic singer-songwriter brings orchestral arrangements and circus fantasies to life. Vintage brasses and double basses playfully pop up in the listening space, creating an immersive experience.

Jack White – Fear Of The Dawn [Third Man Records]

Energetic Sound Whirlwind: The former White Stripes' studio work is a sonic research adventure. Guitars, rhythm sections, synths, and reverbs blend coherently to provide a dynamic listening experience.e.

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