GranTurismo & GranCabrio

A journey elevated by Natural Sound.

An Italian Journey

Elevating the travel experience: this is the reason that led Maserati and Sonus faber to collaborate on best sound experience in a vehicle dedicated to long distances.

Creative and engineering concepts of our sound system for GT’s luxurious and comfortable cabin were born in Sonus faber’s Vicenza headquarters, encompassing 40 years of expertise in high-fidelity audio.

Just as Sonus faber creates speakers like musical instruments, each GT sound system is finished by ear.

Awarded by experts

GranTurismo has been honored with the EISA Award for the third consecutive year, earning the title of the Best In-Car Sound System for 2023/2024.

Alongside the awards for the MC20 and Grecale sound systems, we are the only sound brand worldwide to have won this award for three consecutive years.

Unbeatably Luxurious

Every detail is thoughtfully analyzed to maximize sound quality, bringing together innovative cabin materials, design, and acoustical engineering. Even the smallest features are meticulously studied and tested to meet the highest quality standards, such as the carefully designed holes in the brushed steel grid.

Each grid is crafted using mathematical models to ensure optimal sound transparency, while paying homage to the string grilles on our iconic speakers.

The result is a luxurious auditory experience that mirrors the ambiance of a live concert on every journey.


is everything.

Performance means stirring emotions. It's about discerning every musical instrument, capturing the subtleties of the human voice, and becoming immersed in the rich tonal tapestry and intricate soundscapes.

This is achieved through Sonus faber’s Natural Sound philosophy – utilizing organic materials, such as silk and cellulose pulp, to create a clear, non-fatiguing listening experience – even at the highest levels.


14 Speakers

860 watts of power, standard on all models.


19 Speakers

1195 watts of power, available as an optional upgrade.


A passport to

pure pleasure.

Designed to deliver unparalleled performance in sound, this system adapts seamlessly to every driving condition, ensuring an immersive auditory experience that enhances the joy of driving with the top down.

What sets this Sound System apart is its innovative tuning technology, which dynamically adjusts based on the roof positioning. Whether the roof is open to embrace the open road or closed for a quieter ride, the system optimizes sound quality to account for the varying reverberations, ensuring optimal audio performance at all times.


13 Speakers

815 watts of power, standard on all models.


16 Speakers

1060 watts of power, available as an optional upgrade.


Limited Edition

Amati x Maserati Folgore

The fifth generation of Amati is tinged with Rame Folgore to celebrate the collaboration with Maserati. It’s our sound vision: an unmistakable sound with an iconic appearance.