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The Heritage Collection embodies our legacy while incorporating the most recent technological achievements. All three models are proudly hand made in Italy with a design that reflects the natural evolution of Sonus faber tradition. The Heritage Collection expresses our passion for knowledge, appreciation of beauty and commitment to Italian tradition and craftsmanship.

The cabinets of the Heritage Collection are made of solid walnut wood, skillfully handcrafted by our artisans in Vicenza, Italy.

As a living material, the walnut of each cabinet is preserved through modern drying methods and the use of internal structural ribs. This construction allows the speakers to maintain a stronger resonance and clarity, delivering our signature Natural Sound.

Each cabinet is distinctively matched with natural stone, incorporating shades of marble from classic white to darker, warmer shades.

Made with pride and joy in Vicenza, Italy

The Sonus faber Heritage Collection speakers are built by dedicated artisans in our factory in Vicenza, Italy.

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