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Olympica Nova is a testament to Sonus faber’s relentless pursuit of audio perfection and visual artistry.

The absence of flat, parallel walls enhances the cabinet’s performance, preserving the iconic lute shape of the original Olympica model while providing versatility in speaker placement.

Reengineered solid aluminum supports in the bottom plates provide increased strength and stability, while strategically positioned internal structural ribs serve to reduce vibration and manage the power generated by the transducers' movement within the cabinet.

Each Olympica Nova speaker features eight layers of curved wood walls, ensuring exceptional cabinet rigidity. Iconic elastic string grilles adorn every model, paying homage to the musical string instruments that serve as our sound inspiration.

Made with pride and joy in Vicenza, Italy

The Sonus faber Olympica Nova Collection speakers are built by dedicated artisans in our factory in Vicenza, Italy.

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