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Innovation, Craftsmanship, and Elegance – these are the timeless foundations upon which all Sonus faber masterpieces are built, and the Sonetto collection is no exception. Sonetto embraces a fundamental design philosophy that accentuates the collection's graceful proportions and natural materials, staying true to our enduring commitment to excellence.


All the transducers in the Sonetto collection are designed entirely from scratch and use our original die-cast aluminum basket.

Voice of Sonus faber

The Voice of Sonus faber is the iconic speaker configuration for the mid and high frequencies reproduction that characterizes the unmistakable signature sound of our speakers.

Aluminum Rings

Distinctive aluminum rings framing the drivers serve as both functional and design queues. Each driver is decoupled from the cabinet to reduce resonances and interference.


Hand-sewn Italian leather adorns the top of each wooden cabinet.

Structural Rigidity

To ensure extreme rigidity, bookshelf stands and column feet are made of aluminum and constructed from solid billets, following the same design queues of our most prestigious collections.

Made with pride and joy in Vicenza, Italy

The Sonus faber Sonetto Collection speakers are built by dedicated artisans in our factory in Vicenza, Italy.

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