For any repair or replacement request, please contact the Sonus faber official distributor closest to you. He will contact Sonus faber after-sales service to establish a diagnosis and a potential quote.

For US press inquiries, please contact our press office at



Our speakers have been designed and built following the highest quality standards. However, in the event that there should be a failure or malfunction, the speakers you have purchased are covered by the Warranty according to the country in which they were purchased. Furthermore, in such case, we recommend you to contact the Sonus faber Dealer where the speakers were purchased and reference the aforementioned legislation.

Moreover, for your interest we would like to bring to your attention on the following:

• keep any purchase documents/receipts in order to show them to the retailer if necessary;

• to handover the speakers in need of repair in the original packaging so as to transport them in safety to the authorized Service Centre, together with a description of the malfunction or defect.

The warranty covers the speakers for any defects in construction as long as they have not been taken apart, modified, tampered with or used for purposes or in ways that have not been outlined in the user manual provided with the loudspeaker.

Set-Up Advices

In the knowledge that the procedures included in the user manual provided with the loudspeaker aimed, as close as possible, at creating ideal listening conditions, will not be possible for many of our clients, due to the objective problems linked to the domestic environment, we do however feel the need to recommend positioning the speakers away from the corners of the room and the walls by at least 70-80 cm. In terms of the distance between the speakers themselves, we advise keeping them within 150-250 cm of each other.


The loudspeakers do not require any special maintenance except for periodic general cleaning. To preserve the finish of the loudspeakers, protect them with the supplied fabric covers, especially if they are not used for a prolonged period of time.
WARNING!! To prevent damage to the cabinet, do not use cleaning products, furniture waxes, cleaning liquids or alcohol that could stain or damage the wood or the speakers. Do not use rough cloths.
To clean the wooden part of the cabinet and the leather parts, use a soft cloth (such as a microfiber) just moistened at the most, taking care not to dampen the drivers. To clean and prevent the gaskets of the drivers from the hardening, you may use a silicon-based product and carefully apply it by using a soft cloth.
Wood is a natural and always alive material, therefore sensitive to external agents. Avoid positioning the loudspeakers near heat sources or near windows, especially during the summer months. Do not leave the speakers exposed to direct sunlight.
To remove the dust from the cabinet, the front panels and/or the speakers, we recommend using a soft brush paying much attention not to damage the delicate membranes of the speakers.

Elastic strings

In case you need to replace the front grills of your loudspeakers or just the elastic strings, please contact the Sonus faber official Distributor closest to you.
You can find all our distributors’ contact details on our website at Distributors and Stores section.

The amplification system

The choice of amplification always depends on personal tastes. Also the environment, where the loudspeakers are installed, is an important variable to consider. There is not one perfect amplifier for every single speaker. We always suggest to contact the dealer closest to you to organize a listening session with different amplifiers, eventually at your place, to find which one could be more suitable to your requirements.

Second-hand equipment

We do not deal with the second-hand market; therefore, no assessments or products recall are done. We suggest our customers not to ask for a private assessment but to preferably refer to our official distributors and dealers.

You can find all our official distributors’ contact details on our website at Distributors and Stores section.

Factory Tour

Unfortunately, we do not organize private tours at Sonus faber headquarter in Arcugnano where there is not any showroom available, but only offices and Production plant are located

Loudspeakers modification

Our loudspeakers have been designed and developed to guarantee an ideal balance between volumes and sound, consequently each speaker is made on the basis of a unique electroacoustic project exclusively dedicated to the specific model. The inclined bases of the speakers are an integral part of the electroacoustic design as they provide the right inclination of the speakers to ensure an optimal reproduction. For this reason, we recommend that you do not change the inclination.

Furthermore, it is not possible to upgrade the loudspeaker components as it would modify their electroacoustic design. By changing a driver, the whole crossover should be re-designed that is to say developing a new speaker.

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