camelia midrange speaker

Initially developed for Suprema, the Camelia midrange speaker features the organic basket with a membrane inspired by the shape of the camelia flower. Its shape, with its five cuts, avoids the resonances found in typical circular shapes and enhances the Natural Sound signature to Sonus faber. The membrane is left unpainted to ensure total sound purity.

organic basket

Our organic basket embodies the fusion of advanced technology and nature-inspired design principles for enhanced sound reproduction. Present not only in our premier Reference and Homage Collection but also in the Sonetto G2 series, the basket’s asymmetrical shape provides structural support to the driver without recurring patterns. This distinctive design, evocative of natural forms, promotes superior airflow around the driver, guaranteeing impeccable sound quality.

silk dome tweeter

The Sonetto Center features the silk dome tweeter with Damped Apex Dome, which allows a pristine and detailed high-frequency reproduction, completing the rich and balanced listening experience of the Sonetto G2 speakers

leather flange

The Italian tradition of leather craftsmanship enhances the flanges of the new Sonetto collection. A uniqueness in the world of High-Fidelity luxury speakers, Sonus faber is proud to be the undisputed master of this artisan detail.


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