Our Sound PhilosophyNatural Sound

Natural sound

The perfect balance of frequencies, harmonics, and tonal richness.

The natural innovation of science and technology

The Sonus faber Research and Development team thrives on discovering new and innovative technological solutions.

For all products, the philosophy is the same: The most authentic sound reproduction possible is always rooted in nature.

All technological elements in Sonus faber speakers, such as drivers, crossovers and mechanical solutions are designed by our in-house R&D team.

A glimpse into Sonus faber technology

Our team never compromises on quality, testing every element to ensure functional precision and not just aesthetic form. Fundamentally, we believe that nature is the ultimate guide in directing our key technology.

Silk dome tweeters

For a better controlled and smoother reproduction of high frequencies, Sonus faber uses silk for the domes of our tweeters. This soft fabric achieves acoustics with more nuance and warmth than metal or other materials.

Paper pulp and cellulose-made drivers

As with silk, these organic materials guarantee a natural sound reproduction. The drivers’ cones are constructed through a pulp of cellulose (paper) and other natural fibers that reproduce sound in a much different way than material such as aluminum and kevlar. Additionally, the surface of the cone made out of this pulp is rough and slightly irregular., adding more naturality to the sound reproduction.

Organic Basket Design

Our organic basket is the perfect example of applying a nature-inspired design to achieve the highest levels of sound reproduction. The organic shape of the structure supporting the entire driver’s architecture is completely asymmetrical and without repetition in the pattern – as in natural-occurring shapes and structures. This design also allows for better flow of the air generated by the driver’s movement and guarantees a pristine quality of sound.

This design is available in select Sonus faber speakers.

The Natural Beauty of human artistry

Each and every speaker is imbued with the expert precision and passion of our master artisans. With only minimal separation from those who created them, our handcrafted products encompass our value of Human Touch.

Each Sonus faber wood cabinet is handmade, relying on the skillful taste of our artisans and woodworkers to match wood pieces based on their grain textures. Additionally, all Sonus faber leatherwork is done by hand, employing simple tools and centuries-old techniques. Critical to our belief in Natural Sound, all final tuning of Sonus faber speakers rely on the ear of our skilled technicians to achieve the perfect balance of frequencies, harmonics, and tonal richness. The design process comes from a deep understanding of the relationship between people, nature, and our products.