Our Sound PhilosophyOverview

Our Sound Philosophy

Inspired by nature. Developed through research.

The art of handcrafted Natural Sound

As artisans of sound, we believe in the timeless power of music to enhance people’s lives. We are honored to share this passion for music by crafting equipment dedicated to a truly immersive listening experience.

At Sonus faber, we believe that high-quality speakers should recreate music true to its original sound.

This is why we have made a philosophy of Natural Sound our signature voice. We believe that the most authentic audio is achieved through the use of natural materials and the final tuning of each individual piece by ear. Ultimately, our Natural Sound is a combination of design, innovative technological and electro-acoustical solutions, and the human touch.

The Natural Design of Sonus faber

We believe in natural materials for natural sound. We expertly combine materials such as wood, silk, paper, and leather into shapes inspired by natural elements. Building on the rich heritage of Italian luthiers (violin-makers), handcrafted woodwork is not only part of our artisanal culture — it is a pillar of our design philosophy.

A lute-shaped legacy

Through the first introduction of a lute-shaped design in 1993, Sonus faber changed the world of high-end audio equipment forever. With an unmistakable musicality and timbre, this design affirms the loudspeaker as a true musical instrument.

Our artisanal approach to sound

All Sonus faber products are uniquely hand-crafted to ensure that each one is an enduring work of art. Each speaker’s box is individually finished, requiring several days of treatment and many weeks of aging. The careful oversight of our technicians ensures a synergy between each piece’s shape and materials.

We embrace the human touch in handcrafted natural sound