The history



The pioneering first project by Franco Serblin, founder of Sonus faber. A completely new concept for that time, an all-in-one system entirely made in solid wood.



On March 25, 1983 Sonus faber becomes a company in its first headquarters, a small laboratory in Monteviale, on the hills of Vicenza.

Sonus faber launches its first product Parva, a 2-way monitor speaker with a midrange cone in Kevlar and the cabinet in solid walnut wood.

Parva Sonus faber


Minima, Electa and Electa Amator

Now well-established: accurate design and high quality natural materials for natural sound reproduction.

Sonus faber began to be internationally recognized; most of its first international partners are still Sonus faber distributors today.



Sonus faber demonstrates to the audiophile world what it was capable of with Extrema, a unique speaker with “extreme” components.

Guarneri Homage Sonus faber


Guarneri Homage

It’s the year of the revolution. With the extraordinary Guarneri Homage Sonus faber begins its studies of the lute design and creates the first speaker ever with the cabinet structure inspired by the lute shape.



The Concerto collection was launched with an affordable price. The Concertino bookshelf has been a huge success and remains the single most popular Sonus faber product to date. The aim of this successful collection was to make good sound quality available for all.

Concertino Sonus faber
Amati Homage Sonus faber


Amati Homage

Amati Homage added to Guarneri Homage giving life to the first version of the iconic Homage collection.



Following the path shared with Guarneri Homage, Sonus faber introduced of the Cremona collection, a family of speakers that enhanced the concept of the lute shape cabinet design.

Cremona Sonus faber
Sonus faber Sede


Sonus faber

The headquarters moved to Arcugnano, in a building designed by the famous Studio Albanese and defined by the architect himself “a place for music” with the shape of a violin.


Stradivari Homage

Creation of the first flagship Stradivari Homage, an innovative project that occupies an important place in the history of the High Fidelity industry.

Stradivari Sonus faber


Amati Anniversario and Guarneri Memento

Second generation of Homage collection, with Amati Anniversario and Guarneri Memento.



Elipsa represented a scaled-down version of Stradivari, added to the Cremona collection.

It’s a turning point for the company that changed its management and began the process that led to the birth of what is now the McIntosh Group. Sonus faber had been acquired by the investment fund Quadrivio and acquires the commercial branch Fine Sounds Asia, located in Hong Kong.

Elipsa Sonus faber
Toy Sonus faber



Returning to the goal of widening its audience, Sonus faber introduced the Toy collection, a family of speakers with an entry-level price and a cabinet covered in leather.


The Sonus faber

Birth of The Sonus faber project; a one-of-a-kind, cost-no-object flagship, featuring the most advanced technologies available at the time and in limited production.

The process of acquisition was underway by what was then the Fine Sounds Group, adding to the family Audio Research:  a classic American brand and well known leader in high definition vacuum tube electronics.

The Sonus faber


Amati Futura and Guarneri Evolution

Under the guide of a new Industrial Designer, Sonus faber launched Amati futura and Guarneri evolution, the third generation of Homage collection that introduced for the first time new design concepts like the nickel-plated aluminum top, the cabinet in precious curved wood and handmade leather trim.



Debut of the new flagship, Aida, able to reveal how much the company has evolved whilst keeping its original spirit intact and synthesizing ‘mature tradition’ with ‘technological innovation’.

On the other hand the industrial group keeps growing with the acquisition of the US distributor Sumiko.


Venere line

World premiere of the Venere line, 6 models suitable for all markets, competitive and able to satisfy both enthusiasts of two channel listening as well as fans of multi-channel or home theatre.

Fundamental acquisition of McIntosh Laboratories, the most important American producer of high fidelity systems, world leader in prestigious home entertainment systems for over 60 years. With McIntosh, Fine Sounds Group becomes one of the world’s largest groups in the High-End Audio sector.


Olympica and Homage Vox

Creation of the Olympica collection, a decisive return to the company’s deepest historical traditions.
The development of new driver totally designed in the Sonus faber labs is a tangible sign of the evolution of the company.
In this year the Homage collection has been enriched with its own dedicated center channel, the Homage Vox.

Olympica, Homage Sonus faber
Ex3ma, Lilium Sonus faber


Ex3ma and Lilium

Celebration of 30 years of history with the limited edition Ex3ma, a “crazy” project as its nineties predecessor Extrema. Launch of Lilium, a new full range, reference-level floorstanding speaker made up of two different cabinets, one entirely dedicated to reproducing only the lowest frequencies.

In this year Fine Sounds Group has been purchased by new network of investors. The CEO of Fine Sounds SpA, and the President of McIntosh Laboratory, Inc., lead the Management Buyout of the group in partnership with the investment fund LBO France. One year later, the group took a new name, McIntosh Group.


A year full of new entries

A year rich of new entries, from the new Chameleon collection, the new entry level line with its unique interchangeable side panels, to the Venere Signature, the new flagship of the Venere line entirely Made in Italy, till Il Cremonese, a full range loudspeaker system that stands below Lilium with an elegant, minimal, and sharp design. Last but not least, Sonus faber launched its first headphones, Pryma 0|1.

Pryma, Chamaleon, Cremonese, Venere Signature Sonus faber
Sf16 Sonus faber



Based on the intuitions of the Snail, Sonus faber launched the Sf16 the first all-in-one system for Sonus faber.


Homage Tradition

Homage Tradition collection has been launched, the fourth generation of Homage collection, inspired by the excellence of the Italian handcraft tradition. An ambitious project in terms of electroacoustic solutions and driver development, that also introduced the new Wengè finish, a new essence of wood darker than the classic walnut, but still warm and elegant.

New Aida Sonus faber


The new Aida

The all new Aida came to life. From the aesthetic point of view, the new Aida is basically the same of the 2011 model, but inside everything changed. Not only new drivers and crossover designs, an entirely new porting, bracing and loading system is perfectly tuned for a performance worthy of our queen…


Sonetto Collection

Sonus faber’s launched Sonetto collection; designed, developed and manufactured in Italy. The first creation that marks the 35th anniversary , the so-called “democratic” range of loudspeaker systems that aims to the highest quality in music reproduction with an affordable price.


Electa Amator III

A special edition created to celebrate 35 years of deep love for music. Electa Amator III is a gem of Italian craftsmanship, that has been imagined as the perfect musical instrument to transmit the story of Sonus faber, its values, its tradition, and above all, its evolution.


Gravis Collection

Sonus faber goes back to the Arena with a new subwoofer project. If an excellent bass extension is an essential feature of the home theatre, the Gravis Collection is the right choice and it’s perfectly matched with two of our lines: Sonetto and Homage Tradition collections.


Palladio Collection

Great debut at ISE 2019 with the first custom installation speaker collection, Palladio. Ideally matched with Olympica and Sonetto lines, the In-Wall and In-Ceiling loudspeaker systems feature all the brand’s elements. With extreme discretion, music becomes part of your everyday life.


Minima Amator II

Minima Amator II is the restatement of the 1992 speaker that merges the brand’s iconic style with innovative technology bringing to life the fundamentals of high-end Italian craftsmanship to create musical instruments.
Together with Electa Amator III, it gives life to the Heritage Collection, that transmits the tradition of the brand and enhances its artistic relevance.


Olympica Nova Collection

The second edition of Olympica collection, that has always embodied the company’s stylistic manifesto.
Olympica Nova pays homage to its predecessor while adding a substantial amount of freshly developed technology, from new drivers, crossovers and internal volume tuning to a brand new cabinet structure and a renewed exterior look.
Olympica Nova is where experience meets elegance. It is the distillation of our identity: Olympica Nova is Sonus faber.

Lumina Collection


Lumina Collection

The new line conceived on the notion that it is important to savor time for ourselves and celebrate life’s precious moments. Simplicity remains central to the collection’s identity with its easy set-up, accessible price point, and excellent sound performance, empowering everyone to enjoy a true Sonus faber experience completely made in Italy. This essential combination of models is a perfectly balanced solution for traditional stereo system enthusiasts as much as for those looking to experience a multichannel home theater system.


Maserati MC20

Merging speed with sound this audio and automotive collaboration brings the spirit of Italy to life through the Maserati MC20 super sports car equipped with Sonus faber amplified audio. The sound system features a high current amplifier with 695 Watts of power and 12 speakers with specific functionalities that illustrates Sonus faber’s natural sound thorough the use of natural materials. Sonus faber tuning offers natural, clear and detailed sound quality, giving the listener the ability to easily denote each melody within this sound symphony, bringing a performance element to the driving experience.

Maserati MC20
Il Cremonese ex3me


Il Cremonese Ex3me

Il Cremonese is one of the most popular loudspeaker systems in the Sonus faber portfolio but also among the team. This particular predilection turned the Il Cremonese into the perfect platform for one of the most important activities of the electro-acoustic design: “experimentation”. This is the birth of a unique loudspeaker system, Il Cremonese ex3me, which is produced in a limited run of 50 pairs and embellished by the return of an historical Sonus faber finish: the classic “Red Violin”.



Maxima Amator, the third member of the Heritage family, it’s a unique two-way floor stander speaker applied to a solid wood cabinet. Completely made in Italy as its little sisters, Maxima Amator is the result of our passion for knowledge, appreciation of beauty and commitment to Italian tradition and craftsmanship.

Maxima Amator
Lumina Collection


Lumina V & II

Sonus faber announced the expansion of the award-winning Lumina range with a new flagship floorstander, Lumina V, and a powerful and compact standmount model, Lumina II. The collection expansion aims to reach an even wider audience by offering higher power, especially in relation to larger environments.



A 35-year collaboration that culminated with the acquisition by Sonus faber of De Santi Woodmaker. In 1986, Franco Serblin was fascinated by the cuckoo clocks that Luciano De Santi produced in his small family-run carpentry and from that year the paths of the two artisans never separated. Over time, the design of the Sonus faber cabinets has seen changes and evolutions and Stefano De Santi (Luciano’s son) has always been able to give shape to the ideas of our creatives. In 2021 Sonus faber has brought these two leading Made in Italy realities under the same roof.

Falegnameria De Santi
Omnia: the history 2022



Omnia is the all-in-one that revolutionizes the world of Sonus faber. A wireless system also offering analog connections to meet the needs of every listener. The two registered technologies, SENSO™ and CRESCENDO™ provide a user interface and sound experience unprecedented in its category. Omnia embodies several souls: from digital streaming to a built in phono input for direct connection with your turntable.  Among the many enthusiastic reviews, Omnia boasts the recognition of the Red Dot Design Award in two categories: Audio and Innovative Product.



After the award-winning success of the MC20 supercar, the collaboration between Sonus faber and Maserati continues with Grecale. The new italian company’s SUV was designed with two specific audio systems: Premium including 14 speakers and W860 amplification; High Premium equipped with 21 speakers and W1285. Our Sound Artisans have created two different tunings for each system, tuning the cabin of Maserati Grecale with the acoustic references of Guarneri and Amati (Premium) and Reference and Ex3ma (High Premium). The study of the specific alignment between tweeter and mid-range allowed us to bring our “Voice of Sonus faber” aboard Maserati.

Maserati Grecale
Maserati MC20


Maserati MC20 Cielo

MC20 transforms into an authentic convertible marvel named Cielo, and along with it, the High Premium audio system by Sonus faber evolves within. In this extraordinary version of the beloved supercar MC20, Sonus faber has integrated its audio system with specific tuning that adapts to the positioning of the roof and ensures exceptional sound performance in every driving situation. The listening experience aboard Cielo is a true symphony for automotive and music enthusiasts, where every musical detail is reproduced with precision and crystal-clear clarity. Thanks to the collaboration between Sonus faber and Maserati, the thrill of driving such an extraordinary car merge with the excellence of a high-level audio system, creating a unique and immersive experience for the senses.



Sonus faber introduces the new concept of Ci-FI to the world: Custom Installation High Fidelity. The power of home cinema characterized by the details of the Natural Sound for which Sonus faber has always been admired. With the new Arena S15 subwoofer patented technology, the Arena collection is a new step forward in the world of custom installation. The collection consists of 4 modular models, characterized by cutting-edge technology and the precious expertise of our artisans.

Aster, outdoor speaker



The first outdoor speaker by Sonus faber. Aster brings the unrivaled Natural Sound of the brand to the outdoors, combining elegant design with intuitive installation. Aster elevates the sound quality of environments such as terraces, patios, gardens, and much more.


Homage + Stradivari

New edition of, born with the intention of paying homage to the great names of Cremona’s lutherie. Joining this collection is the Stradivari G2, representing the 40th anniversary of the company. With its iconic design and the Homage collection, one of the most emblematic collections by Sonus faber unique sound, it raises the quality standards of the collection even further.

The New Homage Collection + Stradivari
Maserati Granturismo


Maserati Granturismo

Sonus faber makes its entry into the iconic Maserati Granturismo, offering two options of audio systems: a premium system with 14 speakers and a High Premium system with 19 speakers. The acclaimed “Voice of Sonus faber,” combined with the use of exquisite natural materials, meticulous engineering, and specific tuning, adds a truly special touch to the driving experience of one of the most iconic cars in the world. The timeless elegance of Sonus faber’s design blends with the power and sophistication of the Granturismo, creating an enveloping and immersive sound environment. Every detail has been passionately crafted, ensuring crystal-clear sound and high-quality audio reproduction that amplifies the emotion of every journey aboard this extraordinary vehicle.


Wally why200

For the first time in Sonus faber’s history, the award-winning audio systems, paired with the extraordinary McIntosh amplifiers, enter the marine world. This is the case with the wallywhy200 yacht, which, with its innovative technical features and iconic design, provides customers with a marine experience enriched by our Natural Sound. Within the yacht, the three main areas – Main deck, Owner cabin, and upper deck – have been carefully studied and optimized to deliver the highest possible quality from Sonus faber, even in open seas. Every detail has been meticulously attended to, ensuring an engaging and immersive acoustic experience, offering passengers an unparalleled sensory pleasure.

Wally Yatch, Marine