Artisan of sound

Crafting immersive sensory experiences.


Sonetto G2 is the first collection to incorporate acoustic technologies specifically designed for the Suprema system, the elite flagship of the Sonus faber catalog.

Our Unique Essence

Sonus faber's artisans of sound meticulously handcraft instruments that elevate music and cinema to its highest form.


Signature speakers designed to reproduce sound in its most authentic and captivating form.

Custom Installation

Custom solutions for immersive home theaters, multi-room distributed audio systems, and outdoor spaces.

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Brand Collaborations

We infuse our technologies into diverse realms, such as automotive and marine, with the singular objective of elevating every experience through the Natural Sound of Sonus faber.

Sonus faber Natural Sound

Sonus faber has been handcrafting speakers in Vicenza, Italy for over 40 years. Learn more about our history and Natural Sound signature.