Serafino Tradition has been reviewed by the Hi-Fi News January 2018 issue.
Nick Tate (the reviewer) and Keith Howard (Lab) experienced all the details and the character of these loudspeakers. They found these high-end loudspeakers much more than simply a smaller version of the Amati Tradition…

From the very first listening, it has been clear to the reviewers that these high-end loudspeakers are unique, both in terms of sound with a highly transparent sound and extremely musically engaging. They have two values that rarely coexist together: the grace and the power, which make this floor standing speaker totally unique.Thanks to the mid-high’s precision, combined with very detailed lower frequencies, Serafino Tradition high-end loudspeakers were able to create a strong feeling of sound reproduction, strong enough to make the listener like in front of a real musical event. High-end speakers unique and unbeatable, especially if compared with other sound systems with similar price point. Moreover, lot of style and quality…
What’s not to like?

The full review and the Lab report (the article is in English) are available on this page.

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