For the 35th anniversary we made ourselves a gift: a new website that enhances the company, the products, the history and the latest news.

A website easy to navigate, with new insights on each of our products.

A greater emphasis is given to the innovations and the great craftsmanship that we live and breathe every day here in Sonus faber.

Here below what’s new:

  • To find out all the Sonus faber products we have included full screen videos and photos.
  • On the “features” section of each high-end loudspeakers, you can click on the “+” (hotspot) to discover all the features that make that speaker unique and to know the patents and all its specifications.
  • What’s your favorite finish? In the technical specifications, you can discover all the available finishes of each loudspeaker just with a click.
  • To find out how a Sonus faber loudspeaker is brought to life… the gallery shows you exclusive production shots.
  • In the “Sonus faber DNA” section there is room for: the history, from 1980 till today, our Brand Manifesto that inspires us every day, and the “Core Technologies” that make Sonus faber’s sound so unique.
  • An increasingly digital brand, with an updated blog and a collection of the latest posts and reposts of our social media followers.
  • We made a clearer and easily accessible map of distributors and stores, to know where to buy a Sonus faber high end loudspeaker.


Ready for this new Sonus faber experience? Check out the new website and click here!