Jeff Dorgay from ToneAudio magazine, recently reviewed our Guarneri Tradition high end speaker, calling it “A delight for all senses”.


At its fourth revamp, improved in structure and technology, Guarneri is still an elegant, standout performer bookshelf loudspeaker.

Consistent with the previous versions, the current Guarneri Tradition has the “sheer magic” that Sonus faber speakers are able to create, but with more modern sound than the past models.

By declaring his eternal love for the brand, Dorgay confirms the ability of Sonus faber to create a connection between sound and shape, designing its creation as musical instruments.

For this reason, he defines Sonus faber cabinetry and finishes a “fine art of the highest order”.


“In nearly 30 years of auditioning Sonus faber speakers, there has never been a non-audiophile in my home or studio that can resist their charm”. “What’s not to love? They look beautiful, sound beautiful and have a lower price tag than the last model.”


Once again, the key word to describe Sonus faber’s loudspeakers is just one: Quality.


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