The Italian violin-making’s history has its roots in Cremona, the world’s most famous center of string instruments production, the birthplace of the violin since 1566 when Andrea Amati invented the prototype of the modern violin from the viol – the Medieval fiddle. After that, Andrea’s grandson, Nicolò Amati, together with his pupils Antonio Stradivari and Giuseppe Guarneri made the best violins ever. This can be defined for sure the golden age of violin making history. Besides Cremona’s school, we must mention the eighteen century’s Venetian school in which Santo Serafino was one of the main masters.


These illustrious masters offered us their teachings, their expertise in the manufacturing techniques. They’ve become our maximum source of inspiration for the Sonus faber loudspeakers’ creation. Most of all, they inspired the Homage Collection. The first creation, Guarneri Homage, has been designed in 1993, and it’s the first speaker ever with the cabinet structure inspired by the lute shape.


In 1998 the tribute goes to Andrea Amati with Amati Homage, the first Sonus faber floor standing speaker that, together with Guarneri Homage, gave life to the first version of the iconic Homage Collection. In 2004 the line is then complete, with the birth of Stradivari Homage, created in honor of the Italian violin-maker Antonio Stradivari.


After the first generation of these innovative loudspeakers collection, designed according to the violin-making tradition, several editions followed. In 2005 there’s the second generation with Amati Anniversario and Guarneri Memento. The third generation of Homage collection came in 2010 with Amati futura and Guarneri evolution, 2 models that introduced for the first time new design concepts like the nickel-plated aluminum top and the cabinet in precious curved walnut wood. In 2013, the Homage collection has been enriched with its own dedicated center channel, the Homage Vox.


2017 is the year of the Homage Tradition collection, the fourth generation of Homage collection, inspired by the excellence of the Italian handcraft tradition. An ambitious project in terms of electroacoustics solution and driver development, that also introduced the new Wengè finish, a new essence of wood darker than the classic walnut, but still warm and elegant.

The collection has been enriched with a new element that complements the family: Serafino Tradition, a floor standing speaker whose name pays tribute to the Venetian school of eighteen century.


It’s a huge honor for us to create and restyle a collection that is completely inspired by the masters of Italian violin-making history. Indeed, the Homage Tradition collection by Sonus faber is a symbol of our gratitude for the heritage of craftsmanship, that has always helped us to achieve our main goal: the perfect natural sound reproduction.