Last weekend at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, one of the most important North Americans hi-end shows, we launched with great enthusiasm Electa Amator III, the celebration of the 35th anniversary of Sonus faber.


Electa Amator III: the project
With these words Livio Cucuzza (Sonus faber Chief Design Officer) and Paolo Tezzon (Sonus faber R&D Manager) described the emotional feeling of this project:

“…It was undeniable how the noble mission behind musical reproduction was re-interpreted in a way that was distinctly unique from anything already in existence… Electa Amator III is the emotional reinterpretation of a classic, it is the present that faces the past, re-discovering itself in its integrity.”

Paolo Tezzon, Sonus faber R&D Manager

“…It is difficult to capture this harmony in words, thus, as designers we seek to convey these distinct qualities that make up our products through the design structure of the product themselves. Sonus faber lovers know what I mean…”

Livio Cucuzza, Sonus faber Chief Design Officer


Electa Amator III: tradition, culture and craftsmanship
Electa Amator III inherits the characteristics of two of the most iconic models which have shaped the history of Sonus faber: Electa Amator and Electa Amator II. The third generation is faithful to our tradition and carries our collective memory and culture but, above all, it’s the symbol of the evolution of Sonus faber, born 35 years ago from our love for Music, with something different from all the others.

A clean and defined voice, a careful attention to every details, the choice of the best materials.

Electa Amator III is a 2 way speaker with small dimensions and refined lines. It’s available in just one finish and it’s been created with best quality Made in Italy raw materials. The solid walnut wood gives the product its warm and enchanting look. The Carrara marble base has been worked and shaped by skilled craftsmen. Both materials are enhanced through a brass insert that gives the whole project a retrò touch. The final result is a speaker with a modern look and a vintage taste, a gem of Italian design and craftsmanship, where form and function perfectly merge together to create a true emotion.

Equipped with the latest and most effective technologies, Electa Amator III ensures excellent sound performance. The Damped Apex Dome ™ and the Paracross topology ™, patented by Sonus faber, guarantees a pure and refined sound with an excellent silence reproduction.

We are proud to introduce you to Electa Amator III. Let yourself be captured by the iconic voice of our new creation, and celebrate with us our milestone: 35 years of Italian tradition, culture and craftsmanship.