2018 is the year of another exclusive project: the Gravis subwoofer collection.

The first subwoofer project, the Gravis FB100, was launched back in 1986. In 1996 Sonus faber’s presented the Cremona M and more recently, in 2014, the Sumiko Subwoofers S Series.

Today, we get back in the arena with the creation of an active subwoofer of equal caliber to Sonus faber loudspeaker range.

The new Gravis collection is comprised of four models: Gravis I, II, V and VI.


Gravis I and II, the smaller models of the collection, discreet in size but powerful in performance, are the ideal compromise for middle sized listening rooms.

Thanks to their accurate and expressive bass reproduction, they can be matched with almost every kind of music and video system, but they have been specifically designed for the Sonus faber Sonetto family.

Both Sonus faber Gravis I & II use quality stamped steel-frame speaker units: Gravis I features a 8” Ultra Long Throw down-firing speaker unit along with a high current 150W Class AB amplifier; Gravis II uses a 10” Ultra Long Throw down-firing speaker unit and a 10” aluminum along with a high current 400W Class AB amplifier, alloy diaphragm passive infra-bass radiator.

Consistent with the Sonetto line’s aesthetics, Gravis I and II are available in three finishes:  Wood, Matte White and Piano Black, with the leather top embellished by the hot branded Sonus faber logo.

Sonus faber Gravis V and VI, the most powerful models, have a speaker unit with a long stroke 12” design with a highly efficient Class AB amplifier rated at 850W into an 8 ohm load for the Gravis V and 1800W into 4 ohm for the Gravis VI. This huge energy reserve is responsible for a fast response and a wide frequency range.

Through the use of a dedicated app the user can choose among 4 presets, or even modify the cutoff frequency and the acoustical output phase for seamless integration with the main loudspeakers. Delay, parametric filters and limiters are also available for the most accurate sonic performance calibration.


Sonus faber Gravis V and VI have been studied as the perfect complement to the Homage Tradition and Reference collections. From an aesthetic point of view, they have the same refined and clean design: the top is a hand-finished wood element that creates the connection with their loudspeaker siblings and features the three unmistakable Sonus faber finishes: the elegant Wengè, the iconic Red, and the essential Piano Black.


You just have to complete your system with the perfect subwoofer, ensuring the reproduction of the natural voice of Sonus faber in all its nuances, from the most acute to the most grave sounds.