An ancient popular tradition that became one of the most awaited holiday worldwide.

For this special occasion, we created a dark bass playlist to listen on the scariest night of the year.


  1. Thriller, Michael Jackson – Scream, 2017

Recorded in 1983, Thriller currently remains the world’s best-selling album of the American King-of-Pop, Michael Jackson. The music video is the first of its kind and marked the history with its production and costume design, characterized by really dark imaginary.

Scream is a compilation album released on September 2017, with 13 songs representing the greatest Michael Jackson’s works around the Halloween theme.


  1. The Death Song, Marilyn Manson – Holy Wood, 2000

The Death Song is a song from the Holy Wood album (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death) by the American rock band Marilyn Manson, formed by the namesake lead singer, one of the most iconic and controversial artist in heavy metal music.

This is the first album, written, composed and played by Manson. This album, characterized by dark sounds, completes the triptych that included Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals albums.


  1. Live and Let Die, Guns N’ Roses – Use Your Illusion I, 1991

Realized for the movie “James Bond Agent 007 – Live and Let Die”, the song Live and Let Die was written in its first version by Paul and Linda McCartney. Then, it has been reinterpreted by the American rock band Guns N’ Roses and released as the second single from the Use Your Illusion I album (the counterpart of Use Your Illusion II album).

Both albums represent a turning point in the sound of Guns N’ Roses, towards maturity.


  1. Zombie, The Cranberries – No need to argue, 1994

It is a single from the No Need to Argue second studio album by the Irish rock band The Cranberries, release in 1994. The song denounce, on the same page as Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2, the Northern Ireland Conflict’s violence, which marked the 90s.

Indeed, song’s words and voice sound hard and angry.


  1. Smells like teen spirit, Nirvana – Nevermind, 1991

Smells Like Teen Spirit is one of the biggest hit by Nirvana, a rock band formed by Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic. It is the opening track of the band’s second album, Nevermind, released in 1992 with a huge success. Thanks to this album, the Grunge genre entered the mainstream.

The song talks about the “anthem for apathetic kids” of Generation X, the cohort that preceded the Millennials.

For writing this song, Nirvana band drew inspiration from the sounds of Cobain’s favorite artists: the Pixies, and John Lennon.


  1. Love Song for a Vampire, Annie Lennox – The Annie Lennox collection, 2009

Love Song for a Vampire is a song composed and recorded by the Scottish singer-song writer Annie Lennox, who achieved major international success in the 80s as Eurythmics, with her fellow musician David Stewart. The song is the main track of Bram Stoker’s Dracula the movie, directed by Francis Ford Coppola in 1992. In the song’s videoclip, you can see the singer as a vampire-woman.


  1. Lullaby, The Cure – Disintegration, 1989

Lullaby is a single by The Cure from their album Disintegration, published in 1989, that marked a return to the introspective and gloomy gothic rock style for the band. Lullaby became The Cure’s highest-charting hit in their home country reaching number five in the UK charts.

While the lead singer Robert Smith most often attributes Lullaby to childhood nightmares ( in particular this is a nightmarish ode to arachnophobia), fans speculated that it’s actually a metaphor for drugs addition and depression.


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