February began with a very big debut: the new Sonus faber speakers collection was announced during the ISE show, the Palladio Collection.

You can read below what inspired us and which are the main features of the first Sonus faber Custom Installation Speakers Collection.

Palladio Collection: Sound is everywhere. Make it perfect.

With Palladio collection Sonus faber is finally present into the integrated systems market.

This line  has been designed by the R&D and Design departments with the goal of bringing the emotion of a live performance into every kind of space, adding more performances to the classic Sonus faber loudspeakers.

The collection features 13 models, including In-wall and In-ceiling speakers, available in different combinations according to any architectural environment, carefully studied, and always natural.

Palladio Collection is the first Custom Installation Speakers line that actually adds a beautifully designed home aesthetic to be displayed and not hidden.

Sonus faber distinctive feature is the attention to every stage of the realization, starting from the electroacoustic development to the design choice of materials and finishes.

The collection aimed at paying homage to our Italian roots and Vicenza’s artistic heritage which is why our new collection bears the name of the Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio, considered to be one of the most influential figures in the Western architecture history, a master whose work is still an unsurpassed reference for the definition of classical proportions rules.

The combination with Sonus faber loudspeakers

Palladio also stems from the need to offer solutions for every listening occasion and environment.

Those who know our products have noticed that the two lines, Level 5 and Level 6, are an ideal complement of Sonetto and Olympica collections respectively.

Each line has two angled models that increase the versatility of the collection allowing users to easily complete any home theater or stereo system, in any environment, even those difficult to access. Additionally, both lines boast the option to add a versatile passive subwoofer.

The post-ISE 2019 show

The ISE show (Integrated Systems Europe), the world’s largest exhibition for AV and systems integration, took place at RAI Amsterdam.

For the Sonus faber team it meant four days of intense activity, rewarded with invaluable satisfactions and with a precious feedback from the press and from experts, as well as from many visitors which came to celebrate with us the Palladio Collection’s great debut.