It’s always a pleasure to be reviewed in a trade magazine like Hi-Fi World…thank you for rewarding our daily work and constant research!

Sonus faber Sonetto III strikeS again

The research design and the electro-acoustic solutions of Sonetto III remain a good reason to feel proud and satisfied.
Before all the tests, Noel Keywood said:

” A small floorstanding loudspeaker is arguably the best compromise between size and performance in loudspeakers. They’re not so intrusive, especially when wall standing, but you get a big sound.

These 3-way floorstanding loudspeakers are designed for an ‘average room’ that means 14ft-18ft long/20 square meters, which is the most common room size. Of course Sonetto collection features larger models for almost all kind of environments.

The Sonetto III’s formula is in line with common practice: midrange and woofers unit just below the tweeter at top, with the crossover positioned over between them. On the base of the speaker is sited the reflex port, downward to the floor, that allows a clean design. At the bottom there are the feet and their spikes (which have adjustable height) to keep the cabinet stable and also to provide clearance to the reflex port.

The result is “this speaker is a small move ahead in delivering tuneful bass, free from the inflation and waffle that large ported loudspeakers are accused of.”

In addition to the sound quality, Noel Keywood was excited about the attention for details, that always characterize all the Sonus faber acoustic loudspeakers, such as the black magnetic grille that covers and protects drivers.

The final verdict makes us once again proud of our products each and every day.  Our focus on design and technical solutions and our passion for high fidelity are always rewarded! Sonetto III is defined “OUTSTANDING – amongst the best” for appearance, accuracy and controlled bass.

It seems that our loudspeakers tick all the boxes and sound great!