We could be anywhere in the world, but there are some songs that will always take us back to Italy. Several artists, some really well known and others just emerging artists, are part of the Italian musical heritage and they became internationally renowned for their unforgettable songs.

Here the playlist to test your speakers and your personal knowledge of Italian music!

The big names of Italian music

Some artists really make you dream: Luciano Pavarotti, the most famous tenor of all times, who earned the greatest number of standing ovation in New York singing “O Sole Mio”. Then we have Mina, Franco Battiato, Domenico Modugno: their songs have been the soundtracks of many sunny Italian summers. These admired artists are part of the “vintage Italian sound”, alias: the best of Italian music in the world, as this blog claims (source: Sugar magazine).

The “Hit-makers”

In our playlist you will also find famous artists belonging to the Italian “light music” recognizable all over the world.
Among these we selected Tiziano Ferro, Laura Pausini and Giorgia. Curiosity about Laura Pausini: during her debut in Latin America in 1994, she was declared by Billboard the second female revelation, second by popularity only to Mariah Carey.

Millennials and beyond: a new sound for speakers

From MySpace to Spotify: it’s easier for emerging national music to become a global phenomenon. That’s why there are a lot of Italian (and not only) young Italian artists with rating records, like Calcutta and Ghali: Ghali is already a star, with 200,000 streams on Spotify during the first 24 hours after the release of his first single, Ninna Nanna.

Discover our playlist “Italians Do It Better” on our Spotify channel and listen to all its nuances with your speakers.