Vince Hanada reviewed our Sonus faber Sonetto Wall On-Wall loudspeakers in the June issue of Soundstage! Access Australia.

A different listening

The author notes that these high end speakers sounded different from other wall-mounted speakers he has ever auditioned. He claimed that often an on-wall speaker solution is an alternative when floorstanding or stand-mounted speakers wont’ work. In this case this wasn’t true, especially for the bass response: the Sonetto Wall provided bass that was deep for its size, reminiscent of that of a good bookshelf speaker.

A great speaker for small rooms sizes

According to Hanada, a couple of Sonetto Wall could completely satisfy the needs of those who are looking for a full-range sound which would include that lowest octave. Moreover, the Sonetto Wall would be a perfect solution for the listener whose room lacks enough space for optimal placement of a pair of floorstanders or even stand-mounted speakers. A pair of Sonetto Wall would give excellent performance and a very defined sound image also mounted on the walls to either side of the TV.

The complete review in English is available here.