Marc Phillips from Part-Time Audiophile magazine tested a pair of Olympica Nova I, the 2-way design bookshelf monitors of our latest collection Olympica Nova, that had its world premiere one month ago.


After 100 hours or so of break-in, his impression revolved around the huge and particularly well-defined soundstage the Olympica Novas offered. He has been really astonished by the treble!

Without modifying his sentences, he said: “The Nova Is enhanced that high-frequency extension in a way that made me think of how those lone sounds weren’t isolated out in space but rather part of a seamless whole that went all the way down to the lowest bass frequencies. I guess that’s called coherence, but my mind kept thinking about blending and swirling and floating. The high frequency performance of the Olympica Nova Is was utterly romantic and alive.”


Design and stand

Olympica Nova line features a number of innovations: new drivers and crossovers, new cabinet designs (eight layers of curved wood make up the walls of the models), the asymmetrical shape that assists with both bass response and the achieving optimal performance in the room, the Stealth Ultraflex technology borrowed from  the most expansive models.

Mr. Phillips wanted to mention the stand and, quoting the author “ those stands are wonderful…they are beautiful, in a surprisingly understated way”.


We’ve never loved spoilers, so read the full review to find out more about Olympica Nova stands, and much more!