Sonus faber Gravis VI Subwoofers have been reviewed by Dennis Burger on that highlighted the performances of this product.


Luxury and style

According to the author, the subwoofers Gravis VI strike for their luxurious Italian style in the first place: the leather-wrapped chassis, hand-finished wood topper, and taught-string grille make the sub a gorgeous piece of kit.

Then the focus shifts to an “unusual” design point of view: rather than mounting its drivers in opposition, though, Sonus faber cooked up a configuration that involves one front-mounted driver, and one bottom-mounted driver.


The setup

Burger claims that while unboxing, assembly and app-based tuning and tweaking of its various features are all quite intuitive, placement of the sub within the room may require a bit more experimentation than you’re accustomed to… Sonus faber seems, as indicated by the manual for the Gravis VI, to favor side-wall positioning, which has never worked as well for him in his room with other subs…except for this time! After rearranging some decorations, he followed the Sonus faber advice and he found “a sound that I couldn’t quite eke out of the sub by fiddling with placement more in line with the norm for this room: utter control and authority, matched by impeccable musicality and satisfying output”.



We are pleased to read that the author didn’t begin with any carefully considered bass stress tests but for the first listening sessions he simply sat down and let the music follow wherever his mood took him.

You will find out about the rest!



We do not wish to add anything more than Burger has already said:” The Gravis VI is simply the most gorgeous, most beautifully built piece of AV gear to ever enter my home, and to be blunt about it, the sub simply classes up the joint.”


The full article with English text is available here.