The 2-way standmount loudspeakers Sonus faber Sonetto II have been reviewed by the Australian magazine Stereonet.

The author, David Price, starts from a main consideration: an acoustic loudspeaker doesn’t just need to perform well but it plays an aesthetic role as pieces of furniture in people’s listening rooms…and Sonus faber has understood this better than most!

Sonetto II: between past and present

It’s a visual and tactile delight, for its lute shape and for the choice of materials. The high quality is also inside. The tweeter features the DADTM technology and the midwoofer is comprised of an air-dried, non-pressed blend of cellulose pulp and other natural fibers, previously only seen on the more expensive Olympica, Homage and Reference ranges.

We can say that this product is the result of great lessons from the past with a modern and fresh appeal.

Dynamic articulation is really good for a small stand-mounted loudspeaker. Soundstaging proved good too; it has a surprisingly spacious nature, with all elements of the stereo mix that play independently from one another, accurately locked down around their correct places.



Sonus faber’s Sonetto II I is lovely and affordable. Most of all it’s complete! Because as a loudspeaker it’s competent and as a piece of furniture is a thing of beauty. This is hard to beat for sure!

Indeed, the Sonetto II has won the Stereonet Applause Award 2019.

The full review is available here.