It’s time to take a little break to celebrate holidays and to take stock of the work done so far, while planning carefully next year…

Our 2019…

Let’s start with the second edition of one of the brand’s most iconic product: Minima Amator II, that made its debut during the Munich High End Show 2019.

This speaker, together with Electa Amator III (2018) gave life to the Heritage collection, our most requested line so far.
We are glad to say that both speakers have been greeted with excitement by customers and fans of the Italian brand, which were waiting so long for such an important riedition.

Before this launch, however, we presented to the world our first line of Custom installation in-wall and in-ceiling speakers

(during ISE show in Amsterdam): Palladio collection.

Finally, in September we introduced Olympica Nova collection, the second generation of the iconic family of 2013, that had its first appearance in public in Denver (United States) during CEDIA Expo 2019.

We are very satisfied and proud with how this year has gone, and we are ready to face 2020, that will bring some news…😊