Doug Schneider from SoundStage Global couldn’t resist the design of our new line: Lumina.

He focuses on its design and the Italian character while waiting to share the listening test’s results collected by Diego Estan just in these days.


Accurate design

Some values ​​never fade and Sonus faber once again focused a lot on the aesthetics:” Sonus faber’s focus on appearance began with the late Franco Serblin (he died in 2013), who founded the company in 1983. Serblin believed that speakers should do more than sound good — he thought they also needed to adorn a home. And to do so, they had to be fashioned like fine furniture. Today, Paolo Tezzon, the firm’s acoustic designer, and Livio Cucuzza, its industrial designer, maintain the tradition of combining audiophile-grade sound quality with that distinctive visual style that has made the brand instantly identifiable.”


A project completely made in Italy

The added value of designing and manufacturing a product in Italy is being able to put the skilled craftsmen’s knowledge and care into each loudspeaker.

“…The company manufactures the Luminas in its factory in Arcugnano, Italy, which is about 70 miles from Venice. There’s no outsourcing to China, like you often see in lower-priced speakers…”


The choice of materials

As always, the choice of materials is essential to guarantee excellent performance from all points of view.

“The Luminas’ sides and top are wrapped with a black faux leather, a material that finds its way into most of the company’s speakers. In fact, a Sonus Faber without leather is kind of like a pizza without cheese. Besides looking good, the leather has another benefit — it’s durable, so it’s not likely to get scuffed or nicked the way a painted or veneered finish can.

The front baffle, which is “decoupled” from the rest of the cabinet with a viscoelastic material in order to improve the sound, is a multilayered MDF piece. It’s topped with veneer pieces of real wood for the Walnut and Wengè finishes, and high-gloss black paint for the Piano Black finish.”


While waiting for the review regarding the listening test, do not miss the opportunity to read the entire article by Doug Schneider with an interview to Livio Cucuzza talking about the birth of Lumina line.


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