Lumina III - hifi choice

Our Lumina IIIs has been awarded with the Hi-Fi Choice Recommended award! Here it is the Ed Selley’s review.

The challenge for Sonus faber was to design a more affordable speaker but still characterized by the Italian brand’s features: aesthetic and performance.

The aesthetic

From a stylistic point of view, there are a lot of news but the Sonus faber key elements are the same: In terms of the styling, Sonus faber has managed to convey something of its spirit even if the execution has changed. This is its first design that does without a curved cabinet and, while this is undoubtedly a significant move, I’m impressed at how little it affects the ‘feel’ of the overall speaker.” The use of materials is smart and appreciated: ” Made of multi-layer wood and available in a choice of three finishes, all complemented by chrome finishers, it manages to feel special in a way that a Sonus faber should. The use of wood is limited to the front. The rest of the cabinet is finished in an artificial leather wrap that is an intriguing alternative to more mainstream options.”

The performance

Lumina III goes far beyond looking good, in the listening tests they give the best, merging tradition with something new: ” The Lumina III manages to balance some of the expected virtues of the Sonus faber house sound with some new tricks.”

A balanced and gentle sound surprised the listener: ” It isn’t warm, but there is a smoothness and tonal richness that helps it to deliver music in a way that is something you can enjoy for extended periods without fatigue.”

And again: ” The presentation fizzles with an energy that compels you to keep listening.”


The company has managed to bring enough of its aesthetic and performance to the Lumina III that it is unquestionably a Sonus faber product, but this is combined with some new thinking in both the looks and the sound to hopefully win over some fresh converts.”

We are very proud of Lumina III and this award. Thanks to Hi-Fi Choice for this great review!

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