Lumina I

Sound, Lighting and Color, these are the 3 elements to pay attention to to making your home an oasis.

We all know that these are not easy times and every day we are facing new challenges. Trying to bring more positive energy into the place we live in must be our mantra.

Our home become our studio, our cinema, our stage, our library, our entire world in some cases. Taking care of it is now essential, DuJour gives us three tips to make your living space a welcoming and harmonious environment!

At the top of this list there is the Sound and the star here is the Lumina collection.

“The new Lumina collection from the Italian speaker brand Sonus faber was created to perfectly blend a luxurious aesthetic with impressive sound quality.

Each speaker in the Lumina collection places an equal emphasis on three descriptors: luxury, minimal, and natural. These three words helped inspire the name of the collection and all play a role in the craftsmanship, design approach, and sound production of these speakers.

The sound quality is so crisp on these speakers that we recommend placing them literally anywhere in your home. But, because they are truly stunning interior design accents, place them in the living room or central area of your home to show off your sound system. “


We are very proud to be in that list and most of all we totally agree that music is a stress reliever and helps to reduce anxiety acting as a powerful stress management tool in our lives.

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