Jeff Fritz from SoundStage! Ultra interviewed Livio Cucuzza, the Sonus faber Chief Design Officer, about the company and about Maxima Amator, the speaker that won the author’s heart even before its entrance in the market.

First of all we want to thank Jeff Fritz for some of the words used to describe Sonus faber: “No other company in the history of high-end loudspeakers has embraced the use of disparate materials in their products in quite the same way as the Italian firm Sonus faber. From my perspective, Sonus faber’s corporate DNA consists of equal parts passion for high-fidelity sound, precision build quality, and natural material use. “

The review’s protagonist is Maxima Amator and its materials: solid wood, brass, marble. Livio Cucuzza highlights that the choice of the materials is not accidental but it’s the result of years of experience:” We believe in diversification. We believe that diversity is a value, especially in terms of materials. Sonus Faber has a long history of using natural materials, and we tend to use them in ways that exalt their properties, trying always to maintain focus on our target. This is how we selected the solid wood for Maxima’s enclosure.”

The attention for wood is the highest, that’s because the solid wood is a living material that requires huge expertise and craftsmanship:” Working with solid wood is quite similar to producing good wine—a perfect mix of art and science. Visit our production facility and you’ll see that some processes are only possible if they’re executed by expert hands.”

Read all the aspects covered by Jeff Fritz and Livio Cucuzza during the interview here:

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